Morning on wjz…

charmking122 June 2012

I promised you a story and this is my story. Don’t Lock me up, I’ll stay away from the truck. I had too see “Jessica Kartaliga” before she aired on TV. I have seen her in action 4 times, and all on wjz! I was also surprised by an appearance of “Monique Griego”, they both were from “wjz”. In person she was soo pretty! I couldn’t help but follow the story. They both were so awesome too see. “Monique Griego @ wjz… As they got in their vehicles and headed back too wjz. I knew I’d better get home and I didn’t want too miss her on wjz!                                                       from charmking1 too Monique Griego tooWinking smileWinking smile405295_115086031929661_100002847942127_71952_2145678064_n

Suck-up @ wjz…

17 May 2013

Rt: @ Jessica Kartalija @ Jess your either on assignment,off, or Suckin up to Marty Bass and Don Scott @ Noonn ! That’s Mr. Bass @ Bass. I also continue to be co co for coco puffs for M G @ # charmking1…??


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