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405295_115086031929661_100002847942127_71952_2145678064_n14 Apr 2012

Good Morning Everyone,

I hate to start off a Monday after Mother,s Day, but …Marty Bass @…that’s Mr. Bass to you. I hate to steal your thunder but, …This is the bottom line…and only on The Line up is Monique Griego in the Morning, Jessica Kartalija @ Noon and last but not Least Weijia Jiang reporting in the Evening News. The Line up and all only on and only in Balmore Md. Hon… In closing, I’d Like too add…I’m “Monique Griego” @ CBS Local and,wjzzzzzzzzzz…

                                                                               See ya     charmking1 and Monique Griego tooWinking smilePenn…


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